Wednesday, November 9, 2016

iPhone Photo Post

*Recent Life according to my phone*

-Jumping way back to summer time bc I've been so slack at posting-
Date nights with my man, snuggles with my babes, matchy-matchy, lake trips with friends, the hubs newest ink, my sweet girl, the big surprise, my entire family came to spend some time together, & the last time I did yoga since my pregnancy began!

Zeek's first sports experience was t-ball, family hikes, this spoiled pup waiting for food, 18 weeks preggo, finding out our lil surprise is a girl, my blue eyed babe, family time apple picking, & a special night away for the hubby and I gifted by some amazing friends!   

All these pictures are from our mini babymoon trip to the mountains! We ate out, enjoyed the mountains, explored a vineyard, road around in a golf cart, read Harry Potter, & took a mini hike! It's always so refreshing spending time away with my man rekindling our love.

sweet baby snuggles, it's finally cool enough outside to chop wood, my needy/snugly babes, they both love this mini playground/slide we pulled out of storage, I highly recommend this book - it has great reminders and  was so good for my heart to re-evaluate with, family fire nights, snuggles for Autumn, & his first big disobedient act & punishment!  

Halloween at its finest - "Expecto Patronum", she's such a daddy's girl, bff's, family adventure to Campbell's covered bridge, my girl loves the dirt now, & she loves giving Autumn snuggles too! 

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