Monday, May 2, 2016

iPhone Photo Post

***Recent life according to my iPhone***

Sibling love, "loud drinks" aka "Hulk Drinks" aka smoothies with Zeek, bedtime routine means cram into the bathroom especially when friends are over, our destructive baby is on the move, I love making Jonny be my yoga partner so I can try new things, backyard picnics are perfect on sick days, pike headstand, park time with friends that have become like family, and Zeek exploring the dentist's office. He did great!

Post workout smoothies and walks to check on the garden have become a regular thing, baby plants that now look nothing like that, finally redeeming my Valentines day gift - alone time is precious, even more so when you're being pampered, yoga everyday, those eyes, Zeek folded his first batch of laundry and did awesome, it took a while but I got the forearm stand. Accomplishing goals is so liberating, the boys brought me breakfast in bed - just because, and Zeek loves to copy my yoga poses and 'exercise' with me!  

Playdates are the best and seeing these babes actually interact is so adorable, my first batch of rosemary was frozen in some olive oil for later use, trying new things and succeeding, airplane time, I may or may not have cheated on my diet for that doughnut, she's still rocking the 0-3mn clothes, bubbles, breakfast with friends is a great excuse to get out of the house, and my very first time strawberry picking!! 

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