Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Simple Birth Story

Just as this pregnancy was completely opposite from my first, so was was this delivery...

It was the day before my birthday, ten days before Ivy's expected arrival date, and I was in complete denial that I was even in labor. I had been contracting since 1am on that Sunday. My contractions lasted all day long, some every 30mins & some every 10mins, but there was no consistency to indicate it was the real deal. The contractions were extremely painful (more than any I ever felt with my son), but I continued to only note the timing of them. I was convinced it was false labor and I'd be turned away if I went to the hospital and that was the last thing I wanted... 

6pm rolled around and I was in excruciating pain, so with Zeeks bedtime coming up I convinced my husband to take him to his parents house to stay the night since I had a doctors appointment in the morning anyway. Plus, I figured I'd rest better that night knowing he wasn't there in case something did happen. Once Jonny came back, he saw me experience the pain of another contraction and he demanded we go to the hospital, even if it was just for pain meds. On the drive there, my contractions completely stopped, so we leisurely drove around (again, so I wouldn't get turned away) and we ended up at the drive thru of Zaxby's for some crushed ice to chomp on (my main pregnancy craving). In the drive thru another contraction hit. One with force and power that left me in tears... My husband again, demanded we go to the hospital, so we continued on our way. 

We arrived at the hospital around 7:30pm and things were progressing very slow... so slow they said they had to monitor me to see if there was any progress before they admitted me (exactly my fear). So, I walked around the room in circles trying to keep the contractions coming. They decided to finally admit us. The nurse checked me one more time, which is when I found myself in even more pain than ever, my water had just broke. They rushed to get me an epidural, which I received by 9:30. And remembering the 17 hour labor process with my son, we got all settled in and started watching netflix on the laptop, Property Brothers was our choice for the night. With not even one full episode complete the nurse came back to check on me and declared it was time to get the nurses and doctors ready... it was pushing time! Whew... that happened a lot faster than expected!

By 11:15pm everyone was in the room ready to proceed. The clock was ticking and we were all convinced I would be sharing a birthday with this sweet babe. It took several hours of pushing before my son arrived, so yet again, we were surprised when that was not the case. It took two pushes and they were telling me to stop pushing because she was here! At 11:45 Ivy Savannah entered this world so peacefully and beautifully! (And I'm selfishly thankful we both have our own birth date...) 

*All pictures taken by my sweet sister in-law, Kelsey Brush

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