Tuesday, February 4, 2014

12 Months

{Zeek in the hospital & Zeek now!}

Zeek at twelve months...

- absolutely loves Sesame Street! It makes him laugh every time!

- has taken his first steps, three to be exact on Jan. 24th! And continues to slowly take more at random, but is still not walking!

- loves to hold onto one of your fingers & walk next to you, even if it is just walking in circles!

- has started mimicking things you do (shake your head no, he'll shake his head no. say "hi", he'll say "hi". bark like a dog, he'll bark like a dog. etc!)

- is becoming very smart! He knows how to brush his own hair, that a phone is to hold up to your ear & say "hi", that dogs say 'ruff', & that 'nigh-night' is a good thing! 

- hates his vegetables! It's a mini fight to get him to eat anything besides bread, cheese & hot dogs! 

- & is becoming more playful each day & is always the happiest kid! His giggles are constantly filling the room! 

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