Tuesday, January 7, 2014

11 Months

Zeek at eleven months...

- got all four top teeth at the same time! 

- is full out crawling & speed crawling everywhere! One of his favorite games is 'chase'.

- loves to give kisses! If you ask him to give you a kiss he knows exactly what you are asking. And luckily, they aren't sloppy wet kisses! He's sweet & gentle with it. 

- has started pushing his toys and walking with them (& is starting to stand all by himself for longer periods of time)! Sooner than we know he'll be full out walking and running!

- can eat more than I can! At meal times I've started comparing what I eat to what he eats & he always seems to beat me. He loves table food... lately his favorite is two hot dogs, apple sauce, yogurt, & a piece of bread (sometimes add some mac n cheese in there)! 

- has started communicating with us by pointing! 

- had his first overnight with Grandma... and it was successful! It didn't even seem to phase him! 

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