Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This weekend was so refreshing that I woke up this morning full of joy & thankfulness! 

 I was reminded of what an amazing husband I have. He is willing to let me indulge in my silly dream-esque visions, like this pinterest inspired back deck "date"! I was feeling a little cooped up and in need of something to do. So my loving husband assisted me in hanging lights all over our deck and setting up a table so we could enjoy our family dinner outside! We even got to watch the hot-air balloons float on by! Once we were all done with dinner, we put Zeek to bed and enjoyed some more quality time; just the two of us reminiscing under the lights & taking in the fresh air! It was exactly what I needed & I never expected it would turn out as such a beautiful evening... I grew to appreciate that "date" even more the following day when I found out we'll have the privilege of hosting people almost the entire month of June! I realized it was our last weekend 'alone' for awhile. We couldn't have spent our time any better! And I thank God that He knew, even before us, that's exactly what we would need in that moment! 

I can't express how much excitement and joy it brings us to be able to host others this month... We knew my family was looking into coming out to visit and spend time with Zeek, but we didn't know it'd be so soon! My sister is coming next Friday to spend several weeks with us, my best friend from college is coming for a week & then my parents are coming the following week after her! We are going to have a full house & I can't wait...  Jonny & I have always loved opening our home to others and have felt that we have been gifted with hospitality, but recently we've been a little slack with it due to time, energy & money. And it's not that we have those things now that we can host, but  that God has provided this  opportunity for us to serve & utilize our gift fully relying on Him alone, &  we can't wait!! 

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  1. I can't wait to come see y'all in just a few weeks!! Thanks for always opening your home to me. We are gonna have such a great time and I can't wait to snuggle Baby Zeek for the very first time!! :D :D :D


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