Saturday, April 27, 2013

Glimmer of Hope

Spring is here & we are fully embracing it! Our time outside has drastically increased... but so have our allergies! The past week I've suffered from the common symptoms with a side of exhaustion. Unfortunately, Zeek showed the same symptoms. Poor guy has had the stuffiest nose and sneezes! He too, has had extra exhaustion, but not from allergies! Ever since his (early) 3 month grow spurt he has been all out of sorts. He's thrown his schedule out the window and has regressed in many areas! He's decided it's best to rebell against naps and fight them off (making him grumpy & tired), & that he needs to eat every 2 hours (instead of 3 or more), & that he should wake up every 3 hours at night (instead of having a long 6 hour stretch like before)! However, I had a glimmer of hope today... Zeek decided he'd fall asleep on his very own!! He was just laying on his boppy happy and content while I was cleaning and the next thing I know, he had soothed himself to sleep, WITHOUT me even holding him or rocking him! Whew, what a relief! He's starting to nap again. And perhaps it's wishful thinking, but I have this crazy idea that he'll not only get back to normal but he'll progress beyond it! Just maybe... just maybe he won't just get back on his schedule but he'll also learn to soothe himself to sleep and sleep longer because of it! Just maybe... 

On another note, my hubby had the grand idea to use his birthday money on a nice tatt... He's had an on-going list of tattoo's he's wanted over the past couple years, but we could never justify spending  the money on it! So when he had the extra cash to spend on whatever he wanted, he went all out! He chose "No Condemnation" from Romans 8, because those very words are what revealed God's grace to him! Pretty cool if you ask me... & pretty darn attractive! ;-) 

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