Friday, April 19, 2013

Family Wishlist

*all items from unless otherwise marked

For Her... patio furniture so we can enjoy more outside time, new sandals for the summer, a classic swimsuit that's flattering to my new 'mommy' bod (hence the skirt), a new set of dishes, and some beautiful notepads!

For Him... Levi skinny jeans (the only jeans J will wear), tennis shoes for his new workout plan, & some sexy tanks for summer to stay cool (in both senses ;-) )!

For the Babe... a portable twist-up play-mat to take to friend's houses, a bumbo cover to make it easy to wash/clean and simply because it's adorable, swim trunks for the beach, and tank top rompers to match his daddy!!

Side-note: This list is simply an outlet for me to dream and document things that would be beneficial to our family! I know we are extremely blessed with what we have and have been given... We do not need things to make us happy because our satisfaction comes from Jesus!

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