Wednesday, February 27, 2013

iPhone Photo Post prepared for picture overload...

Week 38 & 39.

 Feb. 3, 2013 - The Brush Fam

Sweet faces in the hospital

Best Husband & Daddy award goes to this stud!!

Nala finally meets her brother.

Such a stud... just days old!

My amazing family.

 The sweet necklace my hubby gave me at the hospital.
We have our first little one in our nest!

First grocery shopping trip ended in nap time, for both of us!

 Sleepy boys.

Zeeks first Snow fall & fire... all in the same day! (2 weeks old)

The sweetest little thing.

Morning snuggles are the best.

First lunch date with daddy. (2.5 weeks)

... more snuggles...

First time going to church and daddy was the one leading worship... (3 weeks)

Play time and immediately after = nap time!

 He's such a snuggle bug!

the little things in life!

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