Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gender Reveal Party

 Photo recap...

Friend's show their guesses... 

Recent Pregnancy highlights:

- Cravings: let me explain, they're not those crazy overpowering cravings by any means, it's simply things that I'm willing to full indulge in! The two major ones this week are nutella and apples (not together, but I bet that would be good). 

- Zeek is kicking and moving all over the place now!! I felt him for the first time several days ago and ever since I felt those first three pows to the jeans, he has been fully active, especially at night! He does not like anything pushing up against him, such as my jeans (first time he kicked me) or the bed (whenever I lay on my belly)! It's such a sweet sensation knowing that's my baby already living life in there! Words can't describe the joy his movements have been bringing me. 

- Finding out Zeek is a BOY! How precious it is to be able to call our little one by name now. And to be able to start preparing our hearts and home that much more for his arrival... let me just say he's already 100% boy though, which does scare me a little. One of his lovely ultrasound poses for us was one hand up to his mouth so he could suck his thumb and the other hand holding himself ... down there! We will be having to teach some manners! ;-) 

- Exhaustion... man oh, man, have I been tired! I don't know if the little one is growing this week or what, but I have been so exhausted! Every day last week I took a nap & not just a little cat-nap, but a full out 2-3 hour nap, several times unintentionally. I feel like I'm just dragging along with energy and sleep is the only way through!

- My belly is constantly growing (at least it seems that way) and I already feel huge... and to think I'm only half way there doesn't seem to fit in my mind! But this pregnancy thing is a constant adventure, that's for sure!

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  1. Congrats on your son, Ezekiel Allen, you guys!! What a great name for him :) We are SO thrilled for ya'll. Boys are such a blessing and make great cuddlers :)


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