Monday, February 27, 2012

A few tweaks

 Many of you have been asking about the house situation. We thought everything was on track since we hadn't heard anything, but then last week I started to inquire more about the timeline of things and got an email in response with things that needed some tweaking! Luckily, we know some people in the business who came alongside us to help make those tweaks happen. We THINK things are back on track and we're back to where we were... WAITING! 

Just to make things more interesting, there's some new dynamics to the situation... (before the tweaking) We were called in to meet with the church we're currently working with for the Apartment Ministry. We informed them of our pursuit of the house and they responded with great joy because they feel like it is time to close down the ministry! This is great news, but a little unnerving at the same time. We have felt the same conviction about the ineffectiveness of the ministry, so it was confirmation for both us and the church when we both were on the same page and time frame of moving and closing the ministry! But, at the same time it adds the extra pressure that if buying this house doesn't work out, we still need to find a place to live [in a timely manner]... 

You can also add in the factor that today we became a one car family! Jonny's car is kaputzo... it started acting up several nights ago, so we took it in to the shop hoping it was something minor. Nope, we were wrong. It needs a new engine and it has a gas leak... Let me remind you all, it is a 1990 Oldsmobile. So we decided it's life was over and not worth the $3,500 it needed. 

The good news is, Saturday we were able to get away from the stress of life and take a trip down memory lane back in Cola town! We had such a great time reminiscing about our college days...

 attended a baby shower. Jonny wrote me a song. Godzilla rolls.
and kissing on campus! ;-)

Let me just say, this boring descriptive way of informing you all of the latest news in life, was my way of keeping myself out of trouble by not getting into a big venting/complaining session... we just continue to ask for prayers during this CrAzY time in life!!

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