Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Green-eyed Monster

It's days like this when I remember that a blog really is an open journal! So, let me be open & honest about my sinful tendencies, here... Within the past two months I have seen that dumb Green-eyed monster (envy/jealousy) pop up in my life more than ever! In all honesty, I hardly ever had to deal with it growing up. That is until life started down the 'American Dream' track! We all know how it's supposed to go... find the perfect man, have a short engagement, a beautiful wedding, perfect jobs, new cars, buy a house, have kids & live a {perfect} happy life. Right? ... Yea, sure!

Sometimes God has different plans! Not only does he have different plans, but sometimes He even tests us in those plans! A stream of examples; Husband & I desperately need a new car so we start planning for one. Within two weeks of really wanting one & trying to figure out how to make it work, my sister calls with exciting news that she just bought a new car! Several weeks later, we're house-sitting and realizing all the benefits of owning our own home. So again, we start dreaming, planning, & budgeting for it. Within weeks of this dream coming alive in us I find out that my brother in-law & sister in-law just put in an offer and are going through the stages of buying a gorgeous house. And then, most of you know that for months now, I've been dreaming of owning my own shop/boutique (far fetched for right now, I know), but today I opened up my blog roll & read from Kendi that she just got the keys to open her new shop! ... Whew, lets just say God is testing me & I've been constantly fighting against my tendencies to be SUPER jealous & envious! I'm continually reminding myself that my life really is amazing & that God is constantly providing more than I ever dreamed of needing! This verse has really sunk in lately & has become my daily prayer...

Matt. 6:24 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

I must thank my friends & family for being so patient with me during this journey of 'waiting' that God is taking me through! God is constantly teaching me, changing me, & renewing my life which is such a blessing! God is teaching me to be content with my life & where He has me at the moment because there is a reason why He has me here. Daily I remind myself to live in the moment for His purpose & not for my fleshly desires (like materialistic things)! 

[O, & if you haven't seen that cute green monster, Mike Wazowski, in Monsters Inc. You totally need to go watch the movie right now! It's one of our all time faves. ]


  1. This was a really good reminder, thanks for sharing it.

  2. I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I am experiencing something eerily similar in my personal/family life and I have to say, it is tough for me not to be green eyed with jealousy. Thank you for sharing this reminder.

    New follower, please stop on by;

  3. wow love this post great reminder ... and i love that verse from matthew 6:24 ... i need to write it on my mirror in my bathroom as a daily reminder! thanks for sharing ... coming from casey's blog!

  4. First of all, I LOVE monsters inc. It's one of my favorite Disney movies.

    Second, I totally feel you right now. I have been in a season of waiting for over a year now. We want to budget and save for a family car, a house, and eventually want to be full time in ministry. It's hard to see other people get those things while you wait on God's timing. Matthew 6 has been a chapter I read frequently these day!

  5. God can do amazing things beyond what we imagine when he knows that we put our wants and needs into his hands, and when he knows that we are willing to wait on him. When my husband and I were newlyweds, we both had minimum wage jobs, a teeny tiny apartment (that was horrible), and two older cars. I was pretty depressed because we barely had enough money to get by. But we always put God first and continued to give him praise. Five years later; we both have great paying jobs, two great cars that are paid off, and we are going on our 3rd year living in our wonderful two story house that we own. God can do miracles, and you'll be able to give a great testimony on what God can do when you trust and wait on him!!

  6. This is such a good post! Thanks for being so open and honest...and really this is an area I struggle with too.


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