Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Outfit Post: Stripes against black

Shirt & Skirt: Plato's Closet (Ann Taylor)
Shoes: Target

Friday Night Date Night. What a fun excuse to get all dressed up and take pictures!! The hubs & I both were able to wear our new outfits! His is from the other day when we went on a day date outlet mall shopping... doesn't he deserve the hottest husband award?! I think absolutely YES. & my outfit is from the long search on Friday for a wedding photog. outfit. However, this was outfit #2 which I did NOT end up wearing (for the very reason I brought a back-up outfit). The brides colors were yellow, grey, & purple! I didn't want to steal any of the thunder, so I resorted to my all black outfit. Luckily, I got to keep this gem even though I didn't wear it for it's original purpose! Husbands nice like that, not making me take back clothes and all, even though we decided on only 1 outfit which ever one worked! He's just out some green pieces of paper & I up two outfits...


  1. Love this one, Mandy! You look great!

  2. Ah, what a fantastic post!! Love both of your date night outfits -SO adorable! Also, your skirt is just gorgeous love both the fit & shape. Just read your above post "The Green-eyed Monster," and it's so true that jealousy can seep into our lives. Love that you mentioned the bit about staying thankful because it's so true. xo veronika


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