Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A future Home

The more the hubby & I plot and plan our way to buying a house, the more I've indulge myself in decorating ideas... I've always tried to convince myself that I have eclectic style in home decor (to go along with my eclectic style in fashion)! After many many hours of exploring Pinterest, the inspiration came, along with some insight. I've discovered that I am a true Cottage/Cabin lover at heart! All the neutral colors [whites, creams, browns] & lovely fabrics, textures, & wood... it is all just so cozy & perfect to me! I gawk when I see images like these...

(all images from

See what I mean?? It it soooo dreamy & lovely... I can not wait to own a house that I can make as perfect as these images!


  1. Those images are so cozy yet clean and happy! Slightly rustic chic too. Owning a home is such a blessing! You and your husband will have a blast once you do. :)

  2. Such a good fit for both you and Jonny :)


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