Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Photo Story

Once upon a time, Prince Charming took his Princess out for a good meal & a drink to celebrate her birth, 23 years before...

They sat and ate while enjoying each others company on the rooftop!
When all of a sudden a huge dark cloud started heading for them...

They sat and watched to make sure it was really after them... big strikes of lighting with booming thunder all around... Finally they decided it was time to run! Literally seconds after they made it inside, the biggest storm of the season hit. Golf ball size hail plummeting from the black sky & so much rain that you couldn't even see out the windows! After they were safe, they continued to eat their meal & enjoy each others company, inside!

They continued on their merry way home... But, as they were pulling into their castle (aka apartment complex), it was made aware to them that they were in the midst of a black out! Pitch black parking lots & buildings, no light what-so-ever. They rescued their scared pup & made a run to the local market (Walmart) for a nice lantern & some candles. And then they spent their night like this...

...watching Harry Potter in the candle light!! 

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  1. Clever idea for a blog post!


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