Monday, June 13, 2011

Outfit Post with some Insight

So most of you know that today was the big day that a lot of bloggers started the summer version of the 30 day challenge with Kendi. Well, I'd like to let yall know that YES, I will be participating! The reason I did not start today, but will be starting next Monday is simply selfish! My birthday is Wednesday & the husband has already revealed one of my gifts... a shopping spree at Forever 21! Yep, I'm waiting till I get all the goods before I pick my 30 items! I knew you guys would understand... Now moving onto to the outfit part of the post! You can never go wrong with a little coral & turquoise!

Shirt & Shoes: Target
Shorts: Plato's Closet (J.Crew)

Of course, before we left house-sitting last week we had to go on one last bike ride! O, how refreshing those rides are. The cool wind blowing against you as go exploring random places! It is definitely one of my new favorite things. I was originally going to get a new cruiser bike with some of our tax money, but the more we looked into it & after I rode this bike I was convinced I needed a hybrid bike (so that I had different gears due to the fact our neighborhood is ALL hills, steep hills... and I'm out of shape). This little thing of gears jacked the prices up drastically, so I quickly abandoned the idea for now. I know for sure I will be coming back to the idea of getting a nice bike, once we have enough money for the both of us to get bikes to ride together (on paths outside the neighborhood)!  

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  1. i am SO glad that you posted about bikes!
    there's a new bike store in greenville called lucky bike. they take you out back and you pick out a junky, rusty, terribly lonely old bike, and they shine it up and give it new chains, pedals, whatever it needs, you wait desperately for a week, and tada! new bike! my boyfriend and i got our bikes there. his is a 1972 schwinn varsity and mine is a 1967 murray le mans. they are beautiful! and they were only $160. you should definitely go check them out, because when i talked to the owner he said that the prices would be going up soon. just thought i'd let you know!!


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