Thursday, June 2, 2011

House-Sitting Perks

As most of you may know, we are currently house-sitting for some friends who are traveling around Ireland & London! Yes - I'm extremely jealous that I'm not there with them, but this is our own little get-away! House-sitting definitely brings lots of perks...

These little guys are the real reason for our stay.
Meet Chichi & Arnie! (& our pup Nala)

My hubs gets to focus on his music with this amazing grand piano. 
He's not only practicing his beautiful music, but he's getting great recording quality!

A GRILL!!! Since we live in an apartment it is a fire hazard for us to have a grill. Such a bummer because it's one of my favorite things to do (& eat)! The past two nights we've been here, we have utilized this great appliance! Steaks, chicken, corn on the cob, etc. YUM!

A yard for the pups to run around in, bad mitten tournaments, & a patio to relax on!
We are so blessed to have this opportunity & we are greatly enjoying it! 
Oh, and there's even more perks than these... 
such as a pool & cable with HGTV (my new obsession)! 

{PS: don't mind my hair in these pictures it's a mess due to my time relaxing by the pool}

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