Monday, May 9, 2011

Thrifting Tips - Part 3

Part 3: The fitting rooms

1. Enter the fitting room with arms full of items to try on! Now, there is no lucky number of items to try, but just remember to question yourself ‘do you really have everything that has potential’ (not just the things you think/know will work)! Potential items are key because it’s cheaper to buy an item from a thrift store and pair it with a belt or jacket to make it fit/wearable verses, going out and buying a brand new tailored shirt!

2. Take at least three items into the fitting room that you would have never tried on! This is a great way to try new things on a cheap dime! I know everyone has those styles they love, but think they could never pull off. Well, here is your chance to see (and not have to pay a fortune). It might just be your next best look!

3. While in the fitting room start pairing items & layering! This will help you picture the item with a full look... Be sure you can picture each item with at least 3 outfits you currently own! This helps you see if you’ll really wear it and will help you get the best use out of it! 

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