Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thrift Finds

I absolutely love revealing the hidden secret of "This and That" jewelry store to my friends... almost all of their jewelry is only $1.25! Both Jessy and I found some great finds. I can't wait to wear this turquoise necklace & I have already been wearing this bangle all day!

I found some amazingly comfy bell-bottoms for only $4 & this cute vintage purse for $2!

Shirts: My goal for the day was to find some dressy shirts! I've been in need of some, especially patterned! I think I did very well. The top two patterned shirts were $4 each and the other two were each $1! (some of them are even brand names... Anne Taylor & Gap.)

The main reason I bought this skirt was because it was extremely comfortable. It's made of a light cotton material perfect for summer and plus, it was only $2... And last but not least, my favorite item of the day!! This Ralph Lauren "jacket"! There was much controversy of whether it's a jacket or a shirt. It took at least 5 associates debating before they decided to charged me the price of a shirt ($4), but I will consider it a jacket! I absolutely adore it.

Have you been thrifting lately??
I'd love to hear and see your success stories!
So fill me in on what you've found & what your favorite item to shop for is...


  1. I absolutely LOVE everything! Especially the jewlery. My favorite thing to shop for are accessories. Hats, necklaces, wallets, bracelets, etc. Love it! ;)

  2. hello! i just discovered you through the style bloggers map. i'm in anderson! so i must know... where do you thrift? i can never find ANYTHING around here except bad tshirts and gross 80s dresses beyond repair!

  3. Hey Talley!

    That's so exciting you found me! I have been trying to find more ppl in my area. Greenville actually has some pretty amazing thrift stores (if you ever make your way in town). I try and always hit up Miracle Hill & Goodwill, esp the two larger stores here in Gville! I'd love to help you out some more if you need specifics... feel free to email me at

    Thanks for stopping by!


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