Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Playin Catch {Up}

Shirt & necklace: Ole Faithful's Antiques
Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet
Shoes: Walmart

So here is my Sunday's best! Sorry for the delay in posting it, and my Saturday night Italian wear (coming tomorrow). It is about time I start playing catch {up}... I have a list of post ideas that have been sitting there waiting for me to accomplish them! Life sometimes just throws you a curve ball and you have run to catch it ... umm, so the only reason that analogy works is b/c Opening day was last week! Which it's a seceret, but I'm super excited about some good bball... or life snatches time from you and the day's gone before you know it! How does that even happen?! Welcome to the beginning of my crazy week... I can't stop thinking that Friday should jump forward in time, just so its excitement can be here sooner! Excitement that my mom is coming in town so we can {finally} get our hour long pedi's. And also, my bff Jessy (who you met here) is coming to visit since she has a job interview only an hour away from us... please please please pray that she gets this job. It would be so fantastic to have her so close to us again!

1 comment:

  1. yayy i can't wait to come see you guys!!! cross your fingers and pray this interview goes well so i can live closer to you guys again!! :D


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