Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday's Fancies

I'll let yall in on a little secret... Friday's Fancies are super hard for me! I go onto and I see all the different items pop up once I start searching, and I fall in love with sooo many of them that I get stuck! Today, I have absolutely no plans so I had all the freedom in the world with my outfit! Being that it's cold and rainy outside (again), I stuck to my gut feeling that I'll probably be inside most of the day. So, I went with a comfy outfit that used items that I've been wanting or eying for sometime now... such as a messenger bag, a striped shirt (just like the one pictured), an infinity scarf, and some Oxford shoes! So really, today's fancies are more of a simplified wish list!

Friday's Fancies
Friday's Fancies on

Now let me just say, ALL of you should really go check out {AV} & Jillian! They are such sweet girls and I love their blogs... I'm still really new at this entire blogging thing (and the blogging world), but one thing I've found is that it really is a community (or multiple communities)! However, I've also noticed that it's hit or miss at which circle (community) lets you in or responds... But, these two ladies have been faithful readers (and comment-ers) on my blog and I'm so thankful for that! Thanks girls, for really showing some blogger friendliness!


  1. Oh you are so right - comfort IS definitely the key. I love feeling comfortable in my outfits, even when they're not in line with the latest trends. Comfy outfits are usually best when it's during a cold/rainy weather, for sure! It's been very hot lately, and on some days, it's been pouring like cats and dogs - felt good to let loose and be all comfy in my outfit. :)

    Loved your pick of items on Polyvore, btw! I've been liking a lot of nudes and browns this season.

    Oh yes, and I found your blog from {Where We Love} Happy Hour! :) Have a beautiful weekend. xx

  2. Ohmygosh I have a thing for stripes right now and I *love* that sweater! I definitely need to go shopping soon...

    Thanks for linking up today! Hope you're having a wonderful Friday!


  3. I have the SAME issue every time I use polyvore!! It's addicting.

    So glad you're doing Friday Fancies! It's such a cute, casual outfit! :)


  4. Polyvore used up soooo much of my day sometimes, its ridiculous! There are so many things to see!

    Just stopping by from {Where We Love} Happy Hour, have a wonderful Friday!

  5. I am trying to follow your blog but it isn't quite working for me! I will check back later. did it work for you?

  6. Thanks for stopping by everyone! It's so much to see new faces!

    & Julie, I think it did work! It's showing you as a follower on my feed! And I hope it worked when I followed you! :-)

  7. You're wayyyyyyy too kind! I'm so happy to help make the blogosphere a little friendlier...but really, it's people like you who make it worthwhile for me! I loved your Friday's Fancies this week...and you wouldn't have any clue they're hard for you by the caliber of your posts! Hope you're linking up tomorrow :) xoxo {av}


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