Thursday, April 28, 2011

Diaper shorts

Shirt: Thrifting (Gap)
Shorts: Thrifting (H&M)
Scarf (belt): Antique store
Shoes: Thrifting

I found these shorts at Goodwill this past week and when I tried them on, the first thing that popped into my head was "they look like a diaper" ... I circled the fitting room a time or two and then looked in the mirror again. This time it was "diaper shorts" ... progress, they've started to look more like shorts!  I took into consideration that they are originally from H&M, and I figured H&M would never go wrong in making something non-stylish. So, I bought them on a whim! Come on, I needed shorts (cheap shorts)! ... And, here they are. My new army green diaper shorts! They are super comfy, light weight and I think they're really growing on me. I look at them now and just see "shorts"... I think!
Here's to Thrifty Thursdays!


  1. i love this outfit, diaper shorts and all!!

  2. LOVE the shorts! So amazing! I just love thrifted treasures :) Thanks for sharing on Thrifty THursday!!!

  3. so, although the name made me laugh because i can see why you called them that, they are very flattering on you!

  4. Great look!! I love your shoes!!


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