Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rain, Rain, GO away...

Scarf: Thrift ($1)
Shirt: Thrift (Old Navy. $1)
Belt: Thrift ($1)
Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet ($15)
Boots: Target ($6)

Today is very gray and gloomy! I had to dress practically and comfortably. Rain boots are great because one of my biggest pet-peeves is having the bottom of my jeans wet because then they stick to your legs and make you cold all day long! It's the worst. Plus, I'm always cold anyway, I don't need that extra thing making me even more cold! [Thank you rain boots for keeping my jeans dry!]... Two reason for the comfortable look today, 1) I'm driving 40 mins to pick up a girl I'm babysitting all day (well, the babysitting part makes it 3 reasons for comfort). I hate spending that much time in a car and being uncomfortable. 2) it's rainy and cold out, which means I'll be spending my afternoon on the couch with some hot tea and books. there's nothing better than lounging around on a Saturday! Well, I'll admit that thrifting is the ultimate thing for a Saturday afternoon, but I have already done my thrifting for the week! Below is my best finds (of the week). I actually spent full price (at a thrift store) for them! I never spend full price when I know there is always the $1 rack... $4 for each of them. I love them both and I think I'll be able to get $4 of use out of them! ... Well, now it's time for you all to go curl up on the couch and relax!

(a pink and gray pencil skirt & wonderful shoes)

And don't forget to go vote on which 'remix' is the best!
Happy Saturday!!


  1. Your eyes look SO pretty in the second picture! Cute outfit :)

  2. I love the rainboot outfit!!! So adorable! And I love how you put the belt around your scarf. the picture of you looking down, is perfect!! So cute!

  3. I just read your "tabs" and I am so proud of you! You make me happy!!! I love you dear daughter-in-law!!


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