Sunday, March 20, 2011

A new thrift store, well worth it.

Dress: Thrifting ($1 - Old Navy)
Belt: Thrifting ($1)
Leggins: idk (they're really old)
Boots: Walmart

I'll admit, I was really excited to wear this outfit today and was so thankful that 1) it didn't rain & 2) it was a little chilly outside (so I wasn't dying of heat)! I found this dress (practically brand new) at a new thrift store I recently discovered on the other side of town! This thrift store is ginormous and has everything you can imagine! Yes, very over priced, but they still have the common $1 sales, so I just make it a game and hunt for the $1 goods to make it worth my money! Speaking of thrifting, check back this week and you'll find a post with my personal "thrifting tips"! I have been getting so many questions of how I thrift, so I figured it'd be easiest just to share with everyone!

And if you 'like' my facebook page "Simplicity & Reality" perhaps you'll start seeing some of those tips pop up even sooner...

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