Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In Columbia with a new 'do'

Well folks, I'm so sorry for the last-minute post! I usually post a lot earlier in the day, but today was rather eventful. I went to 'work' and none of the kids I was there to babysit showed up, so I got in my car and came home to a nice, hot chai latte & the movie Chocolat! By the time that was over, the hubs came home to take me to my hair appointment! Yep, I got my hair done. Finally, after about 6 months. Not much changed though since I'm trying to grow it out. Just a trim and a few highlights here and there! Go comment and let me know what ya think!

Immediately following my hair appointment, I packed my stuff and headed (south) to Columbia! [Yep, you guessed right! I'm here for the Style Swap that's taking place tomorrow night. And I am super excited! I have the items I'm swapping ready to go on the hanger and I've got my camera battery all charged up!] ... The excitement kept going even when I arrived in Cola. My lovely mom encouraged me to join her at Red Lobster for dinner! I'll admit, it was not appealing to me in the moment, due to the fact I hate seafood (except shrimp). But once I was enjoying our appetizer (coconut shrimp) & main dish (grilled garlic shrimp), I was more than happy to be eating there! And of course, we made a pit-stop by Krispy Kreme because the wonderful "Hot" sign was on! We ended up getting our dessert, breakfast, & lunch for tomorrow! I can't wait to update y'all more on how Columbia is going... follow me on twitter to know the latest details!


  1. Love the hair!! The highlights really look good! What color did she do?
    Can't wait to hear more about the Swap thing in Cola!

  2. honey!!!!
    this is so cute....=)



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