Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feeling Crudy.

Here is a sneak peak at what took my time yesterday and why I didn't get to blog! I spent the afternoon with a friend and started sewing again (what I'm sewing is a secret)! Meet my friend Kim, over here. She has such great ideas on ways to save mullah... and she's a great photographer! I'm hoping one of these days I can learn some of her mad skills!

Now, moving on to today! It is a blaahh day. I feel super crudy (mentally, physically, & emotionally - as you can tell in the picture). I woke up after a long night of sleep due to major allergy medicine. [aka I couldn't get out of bed this morning cuz I still felt drugged.] This outfit is a result of that. I threw on whatever I saw and what I knew would be comfy! Add a green 3/4 sleeve hoodie and that was my morning outfit, out of the sun!

Shirt: Thrifting ($1)
Jeans: Plato's ($6 - Old Navy)
Shoes: Plato's

And this is our beautiful downtown! I'm so lucky to have a gorgeous place to retreat too and relax. I met a friend down here for coffee and then hubs and I stayed awhile laying out, soaking up the sun! [kinda] Refreshing, except for the fact that my mind was going a million miles a second, along with my sneezes and allergies!


  1. how is this for weird. i was just perusing your blog and i saw this picture and figured out that we live in the same place. i checked your info and i also live in the upstate. very small world.
    fun pictures! fresh blog!


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