Friday, March 11, 2011

A day of traveling

Jacket: Thrifting ($1)
Shirt: Thrifting ($1)
Pearls: Antique store ($3)
Jeans: Plato's (Express)
Shoes: Thrifting ($4)

What a wonderful sunny day of traveling, or my version of traveling! Because we have no money for actually traveling the world, I find that I have resorted to exploring small towns! I absolutely love finding new towns and walking down it's main street to see all that it has to offer. Today, my mom and I went to four different towns. We started in Greer, SC then went to Landrum, SC, onto Tryon, NC and finished off in Saluda, NC. We found some amazing antique stores & thrift stores that will be well worth another drive there, soon. I also love seeing what local restaurants different towns have. My favorite is when I find a cute little bakery or sandwich shop! No luck with eating at one of those today, but we definitely passed a few that looked worth trying out! Jewelry seemed to be the theme of the day. I was continually finding different necklaces that I adored, but I kept to my budget and bought my favorite two! ...
I hope yall get a chance to venture out this weekend and find some great deals!
Happy Friday!


  1. I also love exploring little towns!! In fact, a couple years ago I went on a Fall trip all by myself. Ended up in Tryon NC and loved going in all the shops. I also went through Saluda and Landrum. They are great little towns. It was a wonderful day and one I would like to repeat! This year I took Mom with me. We didn't get out and walk but we just drove through looking at the beautiful Fall leaves. WE need to go back sometime!! Let's plan that ok?

  2. MANDY!! You need to send some of your deals to Omaha. I went to Goodwill the other day and their stuff was all SO EXPENSIVE! -Megan B

  3. Megs - the key to successful (cheap) thrifting is only search for the colored tag that's the sale of the day (ours is usually the $1 sale)! And go often, so you can find the 'new' items that come in and that go on sale!


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