Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bright pink high-waisted grandma skirt

YEP!! Here it is...
1) the bright pink high-waisted grandma skirt that I found at Goodwill and mentioned here! and 2) the first outfit after the 30 day challenge! This outfit has been waiting for me to bring it out of hiding... well, only since Saturday (since that's when I found the shirt at a another thrift store)!

I must admit that this has become my new favorite outfit! I think it's classy, simple, & fun. Not to mention that it was SUPER cheap!

[Shirt: Thrift $1, Skirt: Thrift $4, Belt: Thrift $1, Necklace: This n That $1.25, & Shoes: Target (they're old so I have no idea how much they were, but I do know, I would never pay full price for them, so they were some what cheap-er) Approx. 7$ ]

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  1. Oh my goodness, love the outfit! and, Jonny did awesome on the photos!- his best work yet by far! Oh, and Lovin' the new layout!

  2. I love everything about this outfit. Is that shirt denim or just blue cotton? I want a denim shirt so bad this spring but I haven't been able to find an affordable one yet! This outfit rocks and I'm with Sheila - Jonny did a great job on the photos! Love the new layout too!

  3. I LOVE this whole outfit! Love the shoes too!!! So cute!

  4. Thanks everyone. I love it too!

    What do yall like about the pics?! Give me suggestions for future shoots.

    And Jessy, it is a denim shirt. I got very lucky at a thrift store... but when looking, specifically at thrift stores, don't out rule the old lady denim shirts (just roll the sleeves and be sure to try it on)! If so, you might pass one up. I almost passed up this one!

  5. this outfits is fab!!! and the best part $7!!! that is crazy! can't believe! i am new to your blog and i can't wait to read the rest!
    lots of love, ayan

  6. I love the movement of the picture when you're pulling your hair back (the one you picked as you "profile" picture). Movement done well makes an excellent, interesting picture. Good modeling, Mandy!


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