Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Rants and Rambles

Earrings: This & That Jewelry ($1.25)
Shirt: Gap
Scarf: 5$ shop on a Cruise ship
Jeans: Plato's (Express)
Shoes: Walmart

Day 27. Three days left! Can't you tell that I'm running out of creativity with the same 30 items?!? I've been eye-ing everything else in my closet and have been using my creativity for those fun outfits (which are coming soon)! I have gone to grab other clothes to 'break the rules', but then reminded myself that I have made it this far, why stop now?! So, I'll warn you now that there will be lots of casual outfits for the next three days, but get ready for some fun outfits after the challenge!

Wednesday Rants and rambles.
1. Bummed. My relaxing pedicure won't be happening after all. They're all booked and the lady was extremely rude to me on the phone... perhaps next month I'll claim it!

2. I've been on and off sick for the past couple of weeks. It has drained me completely. not to mention the lack of sleep I've been getting. All this combined is causing a grumpy me!

3. I love spring. I can't wait... Please hurry up and stay warm already!

4. I have officially decided to keep this blog a fashion blog after the 30 days! So, keep checking back to see more fun outfits. Motive: to be transparent and authentic in who I am so people might see a glimpse of Christ's love that is in me, all through the means of fashion on a budget!

5. I'm excited about posting my blog to! Pretty much how it works is the more followers you have, the higher ranked you are, so the more "popular" you are and people searching for blogs to read, will see your blog sooner! This is why ALL OF YOU SHOULD GO FOLLOW ME (link is on the left side of the page)!!!!! Plus, joining bloglovin makes it easier to follow multiple blogs at once. Just like google reader, all of your blogs are right there in one spot to read (so you don't have to switch back and forth btw blogs)!

6. I really do care about all you that follow me and would love to hear from yall more! So, be sure to start commenting your opinions, thoughts, excitements, etc. I love your feedback and want to hear from yall a little more!

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