Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunny days and Mango smoothies.

Dress: idk
Shirt: Plato's (Old Navy)
Shoes: Plato's (Coach)

Day 22.
A few things to know about this outfit! First, I totally stole the idea to tie my shirt from Kendi (on this post). I just thought is was so adorable and my husband even confirmed the adorableness when he was looking at her blog with me! Second, I love this outfit! It is currently 75 degrees here, so I had to find some way to feel Spring-ish... I threw on my dress, but I knew I couldn't show that much pale skin in one day (legs and arms?!), which is the reason for the shirt over top! I must admit, it's an extremely comfy outfit, except for the fact the shirt kept riding up higher than I wanted it to. This was the third thing I was going to bring to your attention. In the pictures the shirt is not at the length of my desire. In fact, I think it looks funny the higher up it is! So, just imagine the shirt pulled down to my waist a little more, which is more of a 'skirt & shirt look' verses the noticeable 'dress w/ a shirt over top look'. And then you'll have an accurate image of the outfit! ... Today's a great day! Warm sunshine w/ a mango smoothie, and now off to the dog park w/ the pup and a friend! O. and did I mention that we are having dinner with a girl who might start promoting Jonny and his music!? I'm very excited to see where this leads us. According to her, it'll lead to local tours and tons of shows! Please pray hard for us, so we have wisdom with where God wants us and with what He wants us doing!
Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. 1) I think the outfit would actually look good with a shorter mid-driff shirt...with a belt around your tummy. Mmmm mmmm mmmm....
    2)You are SUPER fun.

  2. Mango smoothies are my favorite!
    Miss you kids a lot.

  3. Love the new pictures! Great spice!


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