Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Simplicity and free stuff.

Scarf: Antique store
Shirt: Thrifting
Belt: F21
Jeans: Plato's (Express)
Shoes: Walmart

Day 20!
So, I titled this post 'simplicity' because recently I've needed to remind myself that simple is good. Last night I was looking at other blogs and pics and realized that I'm over thinking this 'outfit' thing. I'm always trying to make it more complex than necessary. I don't need layers upon layers or tons of prints, patterns, and colors to make an outfit cute. Today, I went with a solid color shirt and threw on a scarf with it... the end. Well, yeah I added the belt too, just because... and I must admit, I love this outfit. It's so comfy and it so represents me! I LOVE jeans and comfort. Jonny even made the statement when I walked out that this is his all time favorite outfit! Reminder: Simple is ok, not only ok but good!

Now, here's a little secret for all of you... The spot we take pictures is in the yard of the local library. We love it there because the lighting is always perfect and it's on a hill so you can see the mountains in the background. But, the secret is, we love taking advantage of the library! Look at all the goods we got today... it's wonderful. I can check out tons of magazines, cookbooks, decorating books, movies, etc... and it's ALL FREE!!!!!! If you don't use the library, I recommend you start checking it out!

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